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Visual & Critical Studies

A Multidisciplinary BFA Studio Program

Announcing “Zeit und Geist,” September 4 – October 1, 2015 in the VCS Gallery

133/141 West 21st Street, Ground Floor Closing reception: October 1, 6-8 PM, with a performance at 7:30 PM of In That Place (2015) by participating artist Katie Armstrong. The VCS Gallery is pleased to present “Zeit und Geist,” an exhibition of recent works by graduates of the Visual & Critical Studies Department who were residents […]

Olena Shmahalo, Quanta Magazine, and “Theories of Everything, Mapped”

Olena Shmahalo, Quanta Magazine, and “Theories of Everything, Mapped”

Today’s post features an update on VCS alumna Olena Shmahalo, who graduated from the program in 2011. Olena has been working as Visual Designer and Web Producer for Quanta Magazine, an online science journal whose mission is “to enhance public understanding of research developments in mathematics and the physical and life sciences.” Olena’s bio on […]

Amy Wilson on art, politics, and being demonized in the media

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Amy Wilson on art, politics, and being demonized in the media

Hyperallergic has just posted an article by VCS faculty member Amy Wilson in which she revisits a controversy over a piece she showed in New York a decade ago. For a few weeks in 2005, a small, context-free detail from her drawing “A Glimpse of What Life in a Free Country Could Be Like” became […]

Tom Huhn’s selections for “Summer Reading Friday”

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VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn is the first contributor to Summer Reading Friday, a newly launched series of posts on SVA Close Up featuring suggestions for late summer reading from members of the SVA community. Tom’s picks include five works spanning a wide range of interests and fields, from Adam Smith’s 1759 book The Theory […]

The Renewal Arts Collective’s PS 17 project featured in the Jersey Journal

On Tuesday, The Jersey Journal ran an article by reporter Terrence T. McDonald and photographer Reena Rose Sibayan about the Renewal Arts Collective’s ongoing project at PS 17 in Jersey City. The piece features a slide show documenting the group’s first day at the school, which was spent painting the ramps and railings of the […]

The Renewal Arts Collective launches a new public art project at PS 17 in Jersey City

Today’s post presents a new public art project by the Renewal Arts Collective, a recently formed group consisting of three current VCS students (Santiago Chavez, Casey Schultz, and Victoria Hristoff) and alumna Jinhee Kwak, working under the guidance of faculty member Amy Wilson. The collective is preparing to decorate the trailers that house the pre-k […]

Announcing “in situ,” a new project from Mossless

Here’s an update we’ve received from VCS alumnus Romke Hoogwaerts about a new project from Mossless, the photography-oriented website and publishing venture he co-founded with partner Grace Leigh back in 2009:   Thank you for following Mossless. If you haven’t already seen it, we’ve launched a new video project called in situ, a web series […]

Devon Watson at the Department of Signs & Symbols

VCS alumna Devon Watson is spending the summer as artist-in-residence at the Department of Signs & Symbols in Brooklyn. In addition to making her own work while she’s there, she is organizing a variety of discussions and other events to take place at the gallery. Here’s a statement about the space that Devon forwarded to […]

Shellyne Rodriguez featured in a Hyperallergic article on art, gentrification, and protest in the Bronx

Posted by on Jul 13, 2015 in Activism, Alumni News, VCS Alumni | No Comments

VCS alumna Shellyne Rodriguez was featured today in a Hyperallergic article by Jillian Steinhauer dealing with controversy over a current exhibition staged in the Old Bronx Borough Courthouse by the arts nonprofit No Longer Empty (NLE). The space has become a flashpoint for protests over gentrification in the area, including criticism of NLE’s plans to […]

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