Zombie Formalism, this Wednesday evening at the SVA Theatre


This Wednesday, December 10th at 7 pm, the Visual & Critical Studies Department will present the panel discussion “Zombie Formalism and Other Recent Speculations in Abstraction,” our last entry in this semester’s Art in the First Person lecture series. Here’s more information about the panel drawn from the SVA event announcement and poster:

Abstraction has gone through numerous styles and changes since Kandinsky first practiced it over a century ago. Today, abstract art is hotter than it has been in years, capturing not only the attention of young artists but of the marketplace as well. In this panel, we will discuss the newest iterations of non-objective art and the trends that have emerged in that field. Why is there a resurgence of interest in abstraction, and why are collectors so captivated by it?

Moderated by artist and SVA faculty member Amy Wilson (BFA 1995 Fine Arts). Panelists include curator and art advisor for Levin Art Group Todd Levin, painter and art critic Walter Robinson and artist, writer and curator Ryan Steadman.

“Zombie Formalism and Other Recent Speculations in Abstraction” will take place this Wednesday at The SVA Theatre, located at 333 West 23rd Street. The event is free and open to the public.

Visual & Critical Studies