Work by Peter Hristoff in Hold On, Hold Me | Curated by Kenny Rivero | Opening Wednesday, June 26, 6 to 8pm at Charles Moffett

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Charles Moffett is pleased to present:

Hold On, Hold Me
Curated by Kenny Rivero
June 26 – August 1

Hangama Amiri
Mariel Capanna
Tommy Coleman
Michael Demps
Peter Hristoff
Tomashi Jackson

Opening Reception
Wednesday, June 26, 2019
6 to 8pm

Hangama Amiri
Jannah #1, 2019
Gouache, acrylic, color marker, fabric and Afghan hand embroidered fabric
168 x 114 inches (426.7 x 289.6 cm

Hold On, Hold Me
Curated by Kenny Rivero

June 26 – August 1, 2019
Opening reception June 26, 6 to 8pm

Charles Moffett is pleased to present Hold On, Hold Me, an exhibition of images and objects featuring the work of Hangama Amiri, Mariel Capanna, Tommy Coleman, Michael Demps, Peter Hristoff and Tomashi Jackson. The exhibition includes 6 artists who demonstrate a deep connection to community, closeness, awakening and resilience while addressing the complicated circumstances around displacement, intimacy, invisibility, death, and mourning.

Dear Public,

Although this exhibition is a “presentation” of works by brave and loving artists, who are also my friends, I prefer to express it as an offering. All the folks in this show are my allies, my teachers, and part of my creative family.

This show means to articulate the space between two artists, the deep space between an artist and their people, an artist and themselves, and the space between an artist and the auras surrounding the objects they make.

In that space we find the urgency we have in relationship to a finite existence, the intimacy between our multidimensional selves and the self we challenge you to receive, the fear and doubt that comes with making our hearts available and abundant, and the energies, frequencies, and spiritual circumstances we are constantly channeling as makers.

The objects in this show are not casual.

The mystery and discovery surrounding making objects under unpredictable political and personal circumstances is at the core of the images and objects featured in this show.

This show is very selfish of me; it’s a love letter. This show is a promise I’ve kept from the very first time I made a drawing, and it’s an attempt to recalibrate my practice and realign my own urgencies.

Although I’ve articulated some ideas about my intentions as a curator, I don’t know what this show is about necessarily, and in my mind, the show isn’t complete until it’s physically engaged. I trust those involved as I trust that this collection of objects will generate meaning for me and for an audience willing to look, listen, and respond in kind.



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