Work by Meir Gal featured in “Dynasties” at the Haifa Museum of Art

A screenshot of Meir Gal's website (click to visit)

A screenshot from Meir Gal’s website (click to visit)

Work by Artist and Visual & Critical Studies faculty member Meir Gal is now on display in the group exhibition Dynasties at the Haifa Museum of Art in Haifa, Israel. The show will run through midsummer 2015. Here is a statement about it from the museum’s website:

Haifa Museum of Art Collection: Dynasties

Amongst the artists whose work is exhibited:

Micha Ullman, Mordecai Ardon, Deganit Berest, Meir Gal, Tsibi Geva, Yitzhak Dantzinger, Yocheved Weinfeld, Irit Hemmo, Moshe Tamir, Avital Cnaani, Raffi Lavie, Juan Miro, Andre Masson, Michal Neeman, Joshua Neustein, Eli Petel, Jacob Pins, Mike Clay, Paul McCarthy, Moshe Castel, Jacob Steinhardt.

Closing: July 25th, 2015

The new display of the Haifa Museum of Art collection includes both permanent and temporary exhibitions from the vast collection, producing produces various narratives and surprising connections between artworks of different eras and locations. The subject matter of dynasties was chosen as a gateway to the permanent exhibition of the museum’s collection, and is presented as a point of view through which different relationships between artists are manifested, including kinship, continuity, initiation, validation, appropriation, resistance and criticism. In addition to the works displayed, the visitor to the exhibition will have access also to the research and information concerning the artists and the artwork. Additional rooms on the second floor of the museum will be dedicated to prominent artists in the collection, including Aviva Uri, Pinchas Cohen Gan, Michael Gross and Kathe Kollwitz.

For more information about the show, visit the Haifa Museum of Art website.

Meir Gal teaches several courses in the Visual & Critical Studies and Art History Departments at SVA, including the following yearlong course for first-year VCS students:

AHD-1030 / AHD-1035
Visuality and Modern Art I and II
Two semesters: 3 art history credits per semester
The interconnections among modern art, modernity and visuality will be the focus of these courses. Topics will include the historical development of “modern” vision, the impact of photography and film on visualization, and the decline of realism and the emergence of abstraction. The goal of the courses is to bring together historical, philosophical, scientific and technological studies of visuality and relate them directly to “modern” artistic practice.

You can learn more about Meir and see some of his work at his website.

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