Welcome back!

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A new academic year begins at SVA this Tuesday, right after the long Labor Day weekend. Here in the Visual & Critical Studies program, we’re looking forward to welcoming a new class of incoming first-year students and venturing into our next round of classes, evening lectures, exhibitions, and special events. Starting this week, the VCS blog will also be returning to its regular schedule, with new updates posted at least twice a week.

This year will be particularly exciting, because the VCS program will be making use of its brand new smart classrooms and studios for the first time. The rooms are all fully networked and equipped with the latest audiovisual equipment, set up and maintained by Justin Elm, the department’s new Systems Administrator.

Another of Justin’s recent projects was the creation of a VCS Flickr page, which will be the permanent home for images of student artwork and VCS-sponsored events. You can find a link to it to the right, at the top of the blog’s links section. The Flickr page is also the first item featured on a brand new VCS blog student artwork page.

In preparation for the new school year, I have been making a lot of other small adjustments to the VCS blog’s format and content. Among these are a new “contact us” page, reorganization of the links and tabs, and a thorough update to the faculty profiles. Over the next couple weeks, I plan to continue with similar adjustments, including updates to the alumni page and the addition of new items to the press section.

See you this semester!

Visual & Critical Studies