W A Y S O U T – April 29th through May 4th in the Flatiron Project Space

BFA Visual & Critical Studies is proud to present


A Show of Some Graduating Seniors

Dunlap & Wiegand
Kylie Mitchell
Dustin Senovic
Yuan Fang
Ben RY

April 29-May 4
Opening reception Friday, May 3, 6-9 PM

Flatiron Project Space
133 W 21 Street, ground floor
New York, NY 10011

Conversations in the BFA Visual Critical & Studies program migrate from one semester to the next, from the classroom to the street and the studio. This spring different seniors, on their way to graduating, were making what one might call tools of transition, instruments for getting from one space to another.

Dustin Senovic was talking about a ladder. Then Kylie Mitchell was making a drill. Yuan Fang found a space behind the curtain of their usually flat paintings.

Teeth gnaw at the interface between the internal body and external world. Our first tool of defense also alters food into sustenance. This watercolor is part of a collaboration between SJ Wiegand and Maggie Dunlap. which includes a series of targets, targets or goals.

Ben RY’s dowel with red nylon might be a warning flag or a signal for the start or finish of a race. Here it leads our eye to a blue painting obscured or glazed by an orange safety net. In the window that contained their thesis work in January, they now leave a pair of bricks.

The net, the bricks, the teeth, the lips of the drill bit and the rungs on the ladder, all have a regular, measured aspect, an order ready to be transgressed.

In W A Y S O U T we reconsider the threshold.

The opening reception is concurrent with the BFA VCS Spring 2019 Open Studios I LOVE GOD.

Curated by Suzanne Joelson.

Visual & Critical Studies