VCS over the summer

The end of the academic year is here at SVA; classes have finished and departments throughout the school are gearing up for summer programs. Many of SVA’s students are making plans to further their art education over the next few months by studying abroad, creating new works, or participating in art-related internships. Graduating seniors (including the first group from the Visual & Critical Studies program) are preparing for commencement ceremonies, which will take place on Friday, May 14th at Radio City Music Hall.

A nice (but slightly blurry) photo of the VCS seniors in the 6th floor studios (left to right: Angela Fan, Alejandra Torres, Alyse Anderson, Sharon Broza-Stone, Megan Connaughton, and Katie Armstrong)

Here at the VCS blog, I plan to continue posting weekly updates throughout the summer, in order to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s happening within the VCS community between now and September. I plan to cover a wide range of topics, including: past and present summer internships pursued by VCS students; faculty exhibitions, publications, and projects; follow-ups on some of the graduates; and the VCS summer program for high-school students. A lot of new information about the people and programs of VCS will be in the mix, so be sure to check in.

Visual & Critical Studies