Update: Images of the new VCS senior studios

Below are some photos of the interim studios on the 7th floor of 136 West 21st Street, which the VCS seniors will occupy next year while the department’s new permanent studios on the 4th floor of 133 West 21st Street are under renovation. As shown in the diagram below, the temporary space consists of seven single-occupancy studios, four doubles, and one triple, providing ample room for the 18-student class of 2011. The floor also includes a kitchen, three bathrooms, and two common areas that may be used as a classroom and a lunchroom.

A hand-annotated layout. The circled numbers show the distribution of studios throughout the floor. (Click to enlarge)

Although these photos show how the basic space will look, many of its portable elements will change. By the end of summer, some or all of the furniture shown here may go away, and other necessary equipment such as drawing tables and desks will be moved in. However, although the details will look different, the floor’s most important features–light and lots of open space–will remain the same.

One of the single studios in the new space.

A double-occupancy studio.

A possible classroom space.

Another single studio.

Another double studio.

The kitchen.

One of the floor's open areas.

The space will get its new tenants on September 9th, when the seniors will select their studios by lottery during the first session of Tom Huhn’s senior studio class.

(Special thanks to VCS student Shannon Broder, who provided these images, along with descriptions and notes that helped me write this post.)

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