Tomorrow: a new essay by VCS student Berny Tan

Last semester, I posted an illustrated essay by Lucia Hinojosa that was originally created for Janice Ahn’s Reading, Writing, and Thinking class. Recently, Janice sent me another excellent paper from her class, this time by VCS student Berny Tan.

Titled “Poster As Pollination: The Beehive Design Collective and its Educational Use of the Activist Poster,” Berny’s essay deals with The Beehive Design Collective, a non-profit activist group that uses large, intricately detailed posters to disseminate information to the public about a range of pressing social and environmental issues. Berny had seen a talk by the Collective and was inspired by the work its members do, so she decided to make it the focus of a research project for Janice’s class. Her essay examines the history of posters since the first half of the 19th century, and discusses the Collective’s work within the broader context of the evolution of the poster as a means of persuasion. She also discusses the work of the activist artist group The Guerilla Girls, with an eye toward showing the significant difference between the way they and the Beehive Design Collective use posters to get their message across.

Tomorrow, I will post Berny’s essay, along with all of the images she included to illustrate her discussion. As with Lucia’s piece last semester, it will be presented complete and uncut, with only very small changes made to adapt it to the format of this blog (the major alteration being the conversion of her footnotes to endnotes).

See you then.

Visual & Critical Studies