This Tuesday, June 2nd at 6 pm – The Inventory Game: Virtual Drawing Marathon #3 with Peter Hristoff

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Virtual Drawing Marathon #3



BFA VIsual & Critical Studies is happy to announce the third in a series of virtual drawing events this summer run by faculty member Peter Hristoff.

Virtual Drawing Marathon #3
The Inventory Game

Virtual Drawing Marathon #3: The Inventory Game
will take place on Tuesday, June 2 at 6pm “The Inventory Game” uses a surrealist approach to drawing with a pre-determined but randomly organized system. We will be creating – and re-working – 15 drawings over 90 minutes using an “inventory” of subject matter. This process requires a quick, spontaneous and loose approach to drawing that is meant to be both liberating and an impetus for creating more complex works. Suggested supplies: 15 sheets of paper, ideally 11×14″ or larger, and whatever variety of (mixed media) drawing tools that work well for you or that you currently have. Consider using a paper that will allow you to develop the drawings further on your own with color, painting, printmaking, collage, etc., after this drawing session.

Recommended supplies for drawing: black permanent ink, bamboo or watercolor brushes, several cups or jars to pre-mix various grays, water, rags plus a second color – ink or paint.

The event is open to the BFA Visual & Critical Studies community: faculty, students, alumni, prospective students and staff! For more information, please contact Paloma Crousillat at



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