This Thursday, February 2nd from 6:30 to 9:30 pm: a reception for “Say Her Name: Being Here and Now,” curated by Anastasia Warren

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A new group exhibition curated by VCS junior Anastasia Warren just opened in SVA’s Photography department on the 5th floor at 214 East 21st Street, and will be on display through February 10th. Titled “Say Her Name: Being Here and Now,” the show is a follow-up to another project that Warren exhibited last February.

“Say Her Name: Being Here and Now” features work by Warren and ten other artists, including VCS students Storm Ascher and Lauren Patrick. The opening reception is this Thursday evening, February 2nd from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

Here’s more information from its Facebook event page. (You can also see more about the earlier project at her website.)


A delclaration of presence and unity.
A negation of denial.
A push. A pull.
A fist.
Eternal body.
A running start.
Clay Fruit Honey Breath



The beginning and the becoming.
Ancient knowing.
And here we are. We been here.

This show is a declaration of the presence of people of color at SVA (and in solidarity with all black and brown students at other predominantly white institutions). It is a response to the lack of visibility of people of color in our student body, faculty, and curriculums.

In Feb. 2016, I did a show (“Say Her Name”) in which I wrote the names of 85 women of color who are photographers and visual artists on the walls of the 2nd floor of the photo building as a criticism of the Photography department’s Visual Literacy Survey (VLS). Junior photo majors have to pass the VLS to matriculate. The survey was formally (updated after my show) comprised of 85 photographers and visual artist: 7 of which being POC with a whopping 3 WOC. The survey has been modified, but it still fails to sufficiently represent black and brown people. The idea of a test serving as proof of one’s knowledge of the entire history of photography is a problem to begin with. This test aligns with a pattern of cultural erasure and normalized racism within educational institutions (especially art schools). The title of the show (a reference to #sayhername) is an acknowledgement of the process of institutionalized racism manifesting as violence against women of color.

Artists featured are Storm Veutdesbonbons, Ashanti Boatwright, Ashley Cortes, Tia Daniels, Madison Horne, Asjah Moore, Francena Natalia Jimenez, Lauren Patrick, Chelsea Rust, Gabriella Simington, and Anastasia Warren

Say Her Name-Being Here and Now

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