This Thursday at 7 pm – Linda Nochlin: The Art Historian as Seen by Artists, a panel discussion at La Maison Francaise moderated by Jovana Stokic

This Thursday, November 12th at 7 pm, La Maison Française at New York University will present the panel discussion Linda Nochlin: The Art Historian as Seen by Artists. The panel will be moderated by Jovana Stokic, Director of Curatorial Research in the Masters Program in Curatorial Practice at SVA, and curator of the VCS senior thesis exhibition that will open in January 2016.

Here is more information about the panel from La Maison Française’s website:


  • Linda Nochlin: The Art Historian as Seen by Artists
  • Linda Nochlin, Maura Reilly, Kathleen Gilje, Jovana Stokic
  • Thursday, November 12, 7:00 p.m.


Linda Nochlin, preeminent art historian, has continually questioned the assumptions of gender, race, and class—and, as such, has transformed not only the discipline of art history, but academic investigations in general. The panel will shed a light on Nochlin’s portraits – as perceived by the artists who have been her contemporaries spanning more than five decades. The portraits do not adhere to biographical history unfolded in the realm of indexical representation—their disparateness witness to the variety of ways Nochlin has approached the image and the self both. The participants on this panel will speak of ways of constructing an intellectual art historian’s biography—especially interesting as a curatorial endeavor. The upcoming exhibition of her portraits will showcase works of different styles in variety of media that offer a multifaceted story of dynamic exchanges between the subject and the author. The panel will deal with the notions of authorship and exchange, putting the relational aspect in the forefront, and providing an engaging viewing experience for the visitors that goes beyond the biographical illustration. The duality of the intellectual and private identity is dismantled by the artists themselves as Nochlin’s great passion for realism has seemed to inspire and imbue the works repeatedly. Her persistent act of observing and thinking through images thus became the subject forming in the depiction of the flesh—a performance of becoming in the realm of visual, releasing authorial, historian’s control along with the authority of likeness. The sites of exchange occur in the context of her intellectually vigorous activities as they motivated the artists to engage with her subject— Nochlin has been writing insightfully about the act of sitting, and also how it is to be viewed.

Linda Nochlin, Lila Acheson Wallace Professor of Modern Art; Institute of Fine Arts, NYU
Maura Reilly, Chief Curator, National Academy Museum
Kathleen Gilje, Artist
Jovana Stokic, moderator, Director of Curatorial Research, Masters Program in Curatorial Practice, School of Visual Arts

painting by Kathleen Gilje
Linda Nochlin at the Bar at the Folies Bergere
Oil on linen
37 5/8 x 50 7/8”

La Maison Française is located at 16 Washington Mews in New York City. For more information, please contact them at 212-998-8750 or

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