This Thursday, April 9th at 7 pm: “Body2Body,” an exhibition and launch party for the new artist-run space Global Committee

VCS student Rachel Zaretsky recently sent me the following message about Global Committee, a new artist-run space that’s launching later this week:

Julia Santoli and I are helping out with the launch of artist run space of artist Laura Cooper, who I met while working for Liz Magic Laser. I would hope to spread the word and increase the attendance of VCS students!

It is happening April 9th, 7-9pm at
Garis and Hahn gallery
263 Bowery, New York, NY

In her message, Rachel also said she’d love to hear from any other VCS students who would be interested in helping out with the event. If you’d like to lend a hand, you can reach her by e-mail at

Here’s more about Thursday’s event from the Global Committee website:


Barbara Hammer / Laure Prouvost / Shana Moulton / Molly Lowe / Andrew Norman Wilson / Ann Hirsch / Jenna Bliss / Juliana Cerqueira Leite / Jeremy Hutchison / Stephen Kwok / Laura Cooper & Ian Giles

‘Body2Body’ is the Off-site launch event for Global Committee; an evening featuring the New York premieres of new work by Laure Prouvost and Barbara Hammer.

Global Committee is proud to present installations, performances and video works by some of today’s most compelling international artists, at Garis & Hahn gallery; 263 Bowery, New York, NY 10002. Global Committee is a new artist-run project space, that will exhibit and connect international and national artists through a series of exhibitions and events.

What is the purpose of our bodies in the age of digital intimacy? How can we even ask a question that infers that the body may no longer be the primary vehicle through which we experience the world?

Global Committee is delighted to be presenting a new video by the Turner Prize-winning artist Laure Prouvost entitled ‘We Know We Are Just Pixels’ in which flickering images form a conversation amongst themselves. Discussing their existence and vulnerabilities, in relation to the viewer looking at them, the images want to be more than just pixels; they want to explore and exist outside of the machine upon which they are being played.

At 8pm Legendary filmmaker and artist Barbara Hammer will present new a performance entitled ‘Available Space’ where she explores the relationship of architectural space to image and the limits of the projector’s beam.

Live performances by Jeremy Hutchison, Stephen Kwok and Laura Cooper & Ian Giles engage with the body through mediated experiences, broken signals and collaboration. These works will be happening periodically throughout the evening – set your body clock and you won’t miss a thing!

Throughout the night enjoy a curated selection of recent video works by Shana Moulton, Molly Lowe, Andrew Norman Wilson, Ann Hirsch, Juliana Cerqueira Leite and Jenna Bliss. These works’ engage with how the body can be displayed and transported through film and video – flesh-like textures, whispering voices and pulsing images reach out and touch our eyes and ears, reminding us that we are still physically present even in this digital age of distant touch.

So slip into something sleek and place your body in our hands for the night – Let’s get body to body.


Laure Prouvost’s video is shown in association LUX

Visual & Critical Studies