This Sunday in Venice, CA – w.i.p: an installation of works by Lauren Taylor presented by Hosting Projects

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Today we’ve got an announcement from 2015 VCS alumnae Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky about an exhibition that’s taking place this Sunday in Venice, California, presented by their collaborative venture Hosting Projects:


Please join us for an installation in the garden this Sunday, September 2nd, featuring works by Lauren Taylor. Come early ~ stay late; snacks & drinks & music provided all day.




In this series of works in conversation, Taylor continues her practice of manipulating found and collected imagery, clothing, and miscellaneous objects. This site specific installation in the garden, seen as an accumulative note taking process, objectifies the passing of time as something both observed and simulated. Taylor’s infusion of humor into ordinary objects, by way of animated tropes of the female experience and a culled collection of maternal phrases and sentiments, call towards slights within the art world, a desire for control, and the bizarities of the banal that may go otherwise unnoticed.

* * *

1. First recorded in 1835, the ‘Witching Hour’ refers to the period of time between 3-4:00am in which black magic and supernatural happenings are most effective. This time frame has grown over the years, hours now extending from midnight to 4:00am.

2. We watch time pass. And then, we simulate the passing of time.

3. i.e., the hour when you find yourself alone at the bar, at the end of the night, and begin to scan the room for a familiar face or a seemingly familiar face or a face synonymous with a familiar face.

4. I’m like a cat in heat

* * *

Lauren Taylor is a New York based interdisciplinary artist from Nashville, TN. She graduated with a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2014, and has shown her work at numerous galleries throughout the United States including solo shows at Freddy, Andrew Rafacz, and Bahamas Biennale.

Hosting Projects is an artist run, site specific production of facilitation, curation and collaboration formed in 2014 by Harris Bauer and Rachel Zaretsky.

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