This Sunday – Aesthetics of Resistance/Defense, a panel discussion in the Socialism in Our Time conference at The James Baldwin School

Here’s an announcement from Art History faculty member Liam Considine about a panel discussion he’ll be participating in this Sunday:

Please come to the below-described panel at the Socialism in Our Time conference, this Sunday (4/14) at 3:00 pm at The James Baldwin School at 351 W 18th St. It will include presentations by me, Jason Loebs, Park McArthur and Alan Ruiz on the recent politics of art in practice. I hope to see you at what promises to be a lively conference!

Aesthetics of Resistance/Defense

Leftists have long lamented the depoliticization of art in our so-called “post-critical” era. However, Trump’s election has renewed attention to the complicity of the arts with the legitimating discourses and infrastructures of neoliberal class rule, sparking protests at museums and galleries. How have artists responded to this repoliticized context within their work? This panel assembles three artists whose material practices seek to resist the infrastructures of neoliberal hegemony in crisis while defending spaces of aesthetic autonomy against instrumental reason.

Visual & Critical Studies