This Saturday: Random Musings at YOUME HAUS

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This Saturday, May 11th from 4 to 8:30 pm, VCS alumnae Sofia Klapischak, Amy Kolenut, and Brooke Tomiello will present Random Musings, the first exhibition in a new space they’ve just launched named YOUME HAUS. In addition to Sofia, Amy, and Brooke, the exhibition will include works by several other artists, including VCS alumnae Courtney Linderman, Molly Nadav, and Ranya Asmar.

I e-mailed Brooke for some information about the space and the exhibition, and she sent me the following.

First, here is a brief mission statement for YOUME HAUS:

Because it feels deadening as an artist to show in a gallery or public venue, we wanted to open a space that would allow young artists to take part in a curated show and have the opportunity to show their work to an audience of their peers.

Unlike the stale routine of a reception before a long showing at a gallery, we’ve decided to have a one night curated celebration of the arts. We want to create a space that is welcoming and goes back to the roots of DIY. YOUME HAUS is dependent on communal participation, which will make it feel approachable and open.

She also provided this brief description of Random Musings:

Random Musings is a show that reflects the unmethodical rhythm of daily experience. The pieces chosen for Random Musings encapsulate the sporadic contemplative thoughts outside of our modern routines. YOUME HAUS is a time and place for communal exchange – and builds upon itself with every new curated idea.

The artworks themselves reflect the foundation of YOUME HAUS by inviting the viewer to dwell in a sporadic contemplative moment.

We really wanted to create a space for young artists (although this may change in the future) to show their work to their friends, peers, family, and anyone they wanted to invite. We also wanted the space to be a place for people to meet new and other artists or writers, etc. We’re showing salon style in our apartment because it’s semi a reflection of the economic hardships we’re all going through, and it’s a place of comfort and familiarity. We want the viewer to be able to feel comfortable and open in a place that invites you to discuss etc.

Finally, here are a few links for some of the artists who will be showing their work this Saturday:

Random Musings will take place this Saturday, May 11th from 4 to 8:30 pm. at YOUME HAUS, located at 99 Meserole Street in Brooklyn. For more information and some images of the installation, visit the YOUME HAUS Facebook page.

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