This Friday, February 16th at 1 pm – an information session for SVA Destinations: Rome and Avignon

SVA Destinations: Rome and Avignon

Information Session on Friday, February 16th @ 1 PM

Room 402C, 133/141 West 21st Street

Join us on Wednesday, February 14th at 1 PM for a brief information session on two of SVA’s summer programs, Underground Rome and Art History in Southern France. Beverages and snacks provided.

For more details on either of the programs, please contact Paloma Crousillat at 212.592.2093 or

Underground Rome – May 14-May 28

In the eternal city of Rome, ancient Roman ruins sit side-by-side medieval structures, Renaissance palaces, Baroque churches, and modern street art. This two-week program will explore the most hidden layer of the city: the underground. Participants become spelunkers, traveling deep below the modern city to explore some of its oldest and most hidden parts, including the Crypta Balbi, the stadium of Domitian, the catacombs, St. Peter’s tomb, and the church of San Clemente.

Art History in Southern France – June 1-June 14

Draw, paint and photograph on location as you explore the art history of southern France. We will study the Roman ruins of Provence, and its Romanesque and Gothic architecture. The program includes a visit to Arles, where Van Gogh’s “Yellow House” once stood, and Saint-Rémy de Provence, where he painted Starry Night. Other excursions include the Palais des Papes, Aix-en-Provence, Nîmes and Les Baux de Provence.



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