This Friday and Saturday at 8 pm – zavé martohardjono: GENERAL DYNAMICS at Gibney Dance, with a score by Julia Santoli

Here’s an announcement from VCS alumna Julia Santoli about a performance event coming up this Friday and Saturday evening that she’s involved with:

I have been collaborating with choreographer and artist Zavé Martohardjono on their latest performative work. The piece is called GENERAL DYNAMICS, and is premiering as part of Gibney Dance’s “Work Up” Series on Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Zavé invited me to make a score for the piece using disco as a leitmotif—as a sort of example or toolkit on how to deal with today’s politics and social oppression, looking at disco as a safe and alternative social space during the Nixon and Reagan eras. The piece as a whole is both fun and poignant and I feel like VCS students would enjoy it!

Tickets are $10 (There will be three 20 min. presentations by Zavé Martohardjono, Fana Fraser, and Beth Graczyk each night): 000Rv0jxEAB

Work Up 3.3 will take place this Friday, April 21st and Saturday, April 22nd (8 pm both nights) in Studio C at at Gibney Dance, 280 Broadway. For more information, visit the link immediately above.

You can watch the trailer to Work Up 3.3 at the top of this post, and here are a couple stills that zavé martohardjono sent to Julia and she forwarded along to us:



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