This Friday: a fundraiser at CAGE for Joana Fittipaldi’s new children’s art program

This Friday evening at 8 p.m., VCS alumna Joana Fittipaldi will be taking part in a fundraiser to support a new children’s contemporary art program that she is starting here in New York City.

Here is some information that Joana provided:

Play Art Explorations Upstairs @ Hester is a process oriented contemporary art program for children ages 7-11. I was given the opportunity to begin this program at CAGE in the Lower East side. CAGE is not a gallery or a collective; it’s a formless space, a platform designed to foster multiple activities/projects. Our children’s art program is being created and thought of under this umbrella.

The six instructors are: Joana Fittipaldi, Luca Fittipaldi, Aaron Berman, Shay Arick, Julia Moore, Carolina Ramos.

Here’s a little more about CAGE, quoted from its website:

CAGE is — the opening of — that takes the form of an architectural space, 83 Hester Street, New York, and a network that proposes a new form of interaction between a number of artists, writers, therapists, philosophers, musicians, gallerists and anonymous individuals.

In the above diagram a number of participants are invited to be part of Cage, and to create their own model of interaction with any number of individuals independently selected. Participants are responsible for the creation of her/his work and the subjects that will form his/her own schema.

The composition of CAGE will be based on trial and error, and the changes and reconfigurations of the original, as well as subsequent participant’s interactions, will be applied to the overall diagrammatic formation. Each participant also works within an expanded network,

CAGE emerges from a desire to create and play a different game within the context of reality and art: to be an art gallery with(out) a gallerist, artworks with(out) artists, an ongoing group therapy with(out) a therapist. CAGE creates a community that is not a collective, but comprises singular and dissimilar voices from five generations that will: support individual production and sales; allow multiple subjectivities to independently co-exist; protect individuals’ ideas without using information as materiality for the production of novelty; and will rely not on the signature of an object but on the respect of the authorship of manifold ideas. The presentation of any production within CAGE seeks to follow a new logic based not on the specular or on content providers, but on other forms of responsible engagement with our society. The display of either virtual or real objects is not necessarily the final destination.

CAGE is a site for production/consumption/interaction/distribution/discussion.

This Friday’s fundraiser will feature performances by Joana, Laura Miller, and Carolina Ramos. The evening’s DJ lineup will include Boogie Diapers, Daren Ho (Driphouse), and Tricky Pigeon. The event also includes an open bar; tickets are $20 in advance, and $25 at the door. For more information, contact CAGE by e-mail at

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