The VCS Chair Reading for February 2013


This month sees the eighth entry in the VCS Chair Readings, an ongoing series of recommended readings selected by Department Chair Tom Huhn. The newest selection is the essay “Imagination: Powers & Perils” by Mark Edmundson, published in the Fall 2012 issue of Raritan: A Quarterly Review. Here’s are Tom’s comments:

I’m very happy to recommend Mark Edmundson’s essay on the imagination. I find it a thoughtful, indeed imaginative, consideration of some of the larger aspects of imagination, namely: how much imagination is good for a person and a society, or whether imagination is the human faculty most in need of cultivation and education. (And what might an education in imagination look like, anyway?) Edmundson opens the essay with some examples leading to the notion that we need to reconsider just where and how the imagination actually works in and across each of us.

You can download a PDF of the article at this link.

Visual & Critical Studies