The VCS 2011 open studios

Today’s post features images from last year’s VCS open studios event, which was held on April 28th in the 2011 senior studios at 136 West 21st Street and the older VCS studio space at 133 West 21st Street.

Later this week, I will return with a post featuring closer views of some of the works in these photos, along with other student art from the event.


The open studios reception in the 6th-floor space at 133 West 21st Street. That's VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn in the blue shirt. Also visible are works by Autumn Eggleton (left) and Molly Nadav (right).

VCS faculty member Amy Wilson (left) speaks with student Elektra KB in Elektra's studio.

Several people visit with student Eleni Kontos in her studio (Eleni is the one facing the camera).

Works by some of the VCS first-year students on display in the studios at 133 West 21st Street.

An installation view of a piece by Ranya Asmar.

Visitors watch a video installation in the central space of the senior studios at 136 West 21st Street.

An installation in Joana Fittipaldi's studio.

A performance by Joana Fittipaldi and her collaborator Sophia Ribeiro (click on the image to learn more about it.)

An installation by Kelly Cabezas and Jennifer Santiago. For an earlier post about this piece, click on the image.

A piece by Sara Friedman.

An installation of prints by Shannon Broder in her studio.

A huge net by several VCS students, suspended over 21st Street between the two studio spaces.


I’ll be back in a couple days with more images from the 2011 VCS open studios. See you then.

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