The Spring 2011 VCS luncheon

Guests watch an audiovisual presentation during last week's VCS luncheon.

Last semester, I wrote about a VCS-sponsored luncheon for the department’s faculty and students that was held in the senior studios. The event went so well that a follow-up was planned almost as soon as it was over. Last Thursday, the second VCS luncheon took place in the central area of the studio floor. In addition to a chance for students and faculty to chat outside the classroom, the luncheon gave Department Chair Tom Huhn a chance to give an audiovisual presentation about new developments within the program.

VCS student Berny Tan was there to take photographs, some of which I’ve posted above and below.

A spread as bright as an early Rothko (sorry...I'm lecturing on the New York School in one of my Art History classes this week, so I've got a bad case of Color Field on the brain).

A few of the students enjoying the food.

Everyone gathers for Tom's presentation. This is the same space where I teach the senior essay workshop each week.

Tom addresses the group.

Another view of the presentation in progress.

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