The February 2015 VCS Chair Reading

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cabinet,jpgHere is VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn’s announcement of February’s entry in our ongoing Chair Reading series:

I’m very happy to recommend Alexi Worth’s essay “The Invention of Clumsiness,” which appeared in Cabinet, issue #54. The essay is a fascinating examination of the role of photography, and especially of the photographic portrait, in relation to Delacroix and Manet’s depictions of the human body. Worth has his eye on the period between 1853 and 1863 when these painters were adjusting their own eyes to the differences between the photographs of nude bodies and the bodies pictured according to the conventions of the long traditions in painting and printmaking. The essay succeeds wonderfully in revealing the prominence of the appearance of clumsiness at that birth of Modernism. I trust you will enjoy reading the essay as much as I have.

You can read this piece online at the link above, or download a PDF from Tom’s website at this link.

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