The 2012 Drawing Marathon in the VCS studios

Last month, VCS faculty member Peter Hristoff hosted a two-day drawing marathon, the latest in a series of drawing and painting events he has organized for students at SVA. Here’s a description taken from the event flyer:

Open to all levels, this will be a two-day workshop of virtually non-stop drawing. The purpose is to not only loosen up, but also to approach drawing fearlessly. We will work with multiple models and props as well as from imagination. Students will work quickly, drawing with various media. Restating and reworking of drawings will be encouraged to create complex works. Ink, paint, oil stick and dry mediums will be used to blur the distinctions between painting and drawing. Assignments and direction will investigate elements of portraiture, figure study, narrative drawing, still life and abstraction. This workshop is a drawing intensive: students will be expected to work (very) hard and will gain a keener understanding of the drawing process.

Here are a few images from the marathon; you can find several more at the VCS flickr page.

Visual & Critical Studies