“That [movie] pretty much defined my whole personality…It was really cool. Total anarchy.”

— Kurt Cobain on Over the Edge (from the book Come As You Are by Michael Azerrad, p. 190)

Over the Edge

This Tuesday, October 22nd, the VCS department will continue its biweekly film series with a screening of Over the Edge (1979) from director Jonathan Kaplan. Here’s a brief summary from its IMDB entry (the link also leads to a much more extensive synopsis):

New Grenada is a planned community set in the desert where there is nothing for the kids to do, save for a rec center – which closes at 6 PM. The parents, in their zeal to attract industry to their town, have all but neglected their children. As a result, the kids begin to create their own entertainment, which involves vandalism, theft, and general hooliganism. During an incident when one of the kids brandishes an unloaded gun at town cop Ed Doberman, he is shot and killed. When the parents gather the next night to discuss the killing and the level of lawlessness among the youth, they soon find out that their kids have had all they can take.

For more on Over the Edge, including a few critical appraisals, check out the following links:

Kaplan’s “Over the Edge,” Ennui to Rebellion (New York Times film review by Vincent Canby, December 15, 1981)

Greatest Teen Movie Ever? Over the Edge by Kim Morgan (Sunset Gun, July 10, 2011)

Over the Edge: An Oral History of the Greatest Teen Rebellion Movie of All Time by Mike Sacks (Vice, September 1, 2009)

Kurt’s Favourite Film: A talk with the author of Over the Edge, Kurt Cobain’s favorite movie (BurntOut)

The screening will take place this Tuesday at 6:30 pm in room 101C.

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