Elizabeth Glaessner’s recent exhibition Mother Tongue at P.P.O.W. reviewed by Eric Sutphin in Art in America

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Elizabeth Glaessner’s recent exhibition Mother Tongue at P.P.O.W. reviewed by Eric Sutphin in Art in America

  Faculy member Elizabeth Glaessner’s recent P.P.O.W. exhibition Mother Tongue was reviewed earlier this month by Eric Sutphin in Art in America. You can read the review here.  

Lucia Hinojosa’s Brooklyn Rail review of “Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today”

The September 2014 issue of The Brooklyn Rail includes a review by VCS alumna Lucia Hinojosa of Under the Same Sun: Art from Latin America Today, currently on display at the Guggenheim. Here is a quote from the opening paragraphs of Lucia’s review: Traditional notions of cultural identity—once determined by territorial borders and isolated means […]

“Of Zebraification” by William Patterson in Temporary Art Review

Last week, VCS alumnus William Patterson had a new piece published on the Temporary Art Review website. Titled “Of Zebraification: A Review of Cousins Presents ‘Faceless’,” the piece discusses a recent five-person exhibition at a temporary art space in Brooklyn. Here’s a brief quote from its opening paragraphs: The exhibition is the first for popup […]

Tom Huhn’s review of Afterness: Figures of Following in Modern Thought and Aesthetics

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Recently, VCS department chair Tom Huhn’s review of the book Afterness: Figures of Following in Modern Thought and Aesthetics was published in the online journal Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. In the book, Brown University Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature Gerhard Richter discusses his notion of “afterness,” a word/idea he invented in order to […]

Amy Wilson in this month’s Artforum Critics’ Picks

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This month at C24 Gallery in New York, VCS instructor Amy Wilson has several works on display as part the group exhibition CAMPAIGN, which was organized by independent curator Amy Smith-Stewart. A review in the current edition of Artforum’s Critics’ Picks for New York highlights several pieces in the show, including Wilson’s recent four-drawing series […]

Update two: new reviews and press for I Feel Your Pain by Liz Magic Laser

Liz Magic Laser’s recent performance I Feel Your Pain at the SVA Theatre received a lot of great press both during and after this year’s Performa festival. Here is a rundown of the highlights. This review by Faye Hirsch on the Art in America site provides an excellent description of the performance, and some of […]

Update: new reviews of I Feel Your Pain by Liz Magic Laser

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The recent Performa/VCS event I Feel Your Pain by VCS instructor Liz Magic Laser has received a fair amount of press over the last couple days, including reviews in The New York Times and Art Fag City. To read them, check out these links: Karen Rosenberg, “Liz Magic Laser’s Political Theater of the Absurd,” The […]

A book review by Tom Huhn in this month’s Art in America

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This month’s issue of Art in America includes a review by VCS department chair Tom Huhn of the book The Visual World of French Theory: Figurations, by independent curator and art professor Sarah Wilson. Wilson’s book deals with a largely forgotten French art movement called Narrative Figuration and its relationship to French critical theory during […]

Introducing The Review Hive

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, March 24th), the seniors in the VCS essay workshop will launch a new project designed to explore what happens to art writing when it takes the form of an ongoing, multi-person conversation. Titled The Review Hive, the project will have students use Twitter and their iPod Touch devices to write on-the-spot critiques […]

Connie Beckley in the New York Times

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VCS faculty member Connie Beckley appeared in yesterday’s New York Times, in a review of the three-evening musical event Essential Repertoire at the Issue Project Room in Brooklyn. Her three contributions to last Thursday’s opening-night concert are featured prominently in the article, which also discusses Essential Repertoire’s commemoration of the influential concert series New Music, […]

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