Images from Friday’s first-year field trip to Dieu Donné

Images from Friday’s first-year field trip to Dieu Donné

On Friday, Amy Wilson took her Foundation Drawing class on a field trip to Dieu Donné, where they learned about the process of traditional papermaking and got a chance to try out different papermaking techniques. Here’s a little information about Dieu Donné from its website: * * * Dieu Donné is a leading non-profit cultural […]

Images from last semester’s Honors trip to Peru

Images from last semester’s Honors trip to Peru

In addition to serving as chair of the Visual & Critical Studies and Art History Departments at SVA, Tom Huhn is also the coordinator for the school’s Honors Program, an interdisciplinary undergraduate program open to incoming freshmen in Advertising, Animation, Cartooning, Computer Art, Design, Film, Fine Arts, Illustration, and Photography and Video. The Honors Program […]

Artist’s Journal at the Met

Artist’s Journal at the Met

Here’s a collection of images from Peter Hristoff, showing students in The Artist’s Journal during several visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art last semester. While they were there, they learned about various art historical styles, materials, and techniques from members of the Met’s staff, and spent time sketching in some of the museum’s galleries […]

Peter Hristoff begins a fifteen-month residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (featuring images from his recent VCS drawing marathon at the Met)

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Peter Hristoff begins a fifteen-month residency at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (featuring images from his recent VCS drawing marathon at the Met)

Artist and VCS faculty member Peter Hristoff recently began a fifteen-month term as Artist in Residence at The Metropolitan Museum of Art here in New York City. About a week ago, the Met Museum website published an article profiling Peter and discussing some of his plans for the residency. Here’s a short excerpt: Born in […]

Announcing the second annual VCS apple & pear picking field trip

– Here’s an announcement from the VCS Field Trip Committee: Hello All, We are pleased to announce the Visual and Critical Studies Department’s first field trip of the year. On Saturday, October 5th, we will be going Apple/Pear Picking at Dubois Farms in Highland, NY! Last year, a group of about 20 students went upstate […]

This Sunday the 7th: the VCS field trip club goes apple picking

Recently, VCS student Ilana Kruger started a field trip club to give people in the program a short break from coursework and let them try out new things away from the SVA campus. The club’s inaugural trip will take place this Sunday, October 7th, with a trip to DuBois Farms in Highland, NY for an […]

Papermaking: a short essay by Gionna Forte with photos and videos from Amy Wilson

A couple weeks ago, VCS faculty member Amy Wilson took her first-year Foundation Drawing class to Dieu Donné Papermill to learn about papermaking. The field trip is an annual event in Amy’s class; last February, I wrote about the 2011 trip here, in a post featuring photos taken by VCS student Berny Tan. This year […]

VCS and Occupy Wall Street

SVA is only a couple miles away from the ongoing occupation of Zucotti Park in Lower Manhattan, and the Occupy Wall Street protests have been on the minds of a lot of people around here. I’ve heard many students and faculty members talking about OWS in the halls and offices, and the protests have come […]

A visit to Joy Garnett’s studio

Just before the end of last semester on April 25th, Amy Wilson’s Foundation Drawing class took a trip to the Soho studio of artist Joy Garnett to look at her work and hear her speak about her artistic practice. While the students were there, student Berny Tan took a few photos, three of which I’ve […]

The 2011 Review Hive and its aftermath

In March 2010, my VCS senior essay workshop students participated in an experimental writing project called The Review Hive. The project used Twitter and the students’ iPod Touch web browsers to see what would happen if a group of people responded to a single art exhibition with a series of short, on-the-spot responses to the […]

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