Presenting the VCS Chair Reading for September 2013

Today’s post features a message from VCS Department Chair Tom Huhn: After what I hope was a pleasant and productive summer for all, I’m very happy to begin again with the distribution of “Chair Readings,” a once per month recommendation of an essay, book review, editorial, etc. that strikes me as of interest to students, […]

Who’s in the VCS library?

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In anticipation of the new academic year, here’s a visual breakdown of the VCS library that Systems Administrator Justin Elm created using the app Delicious Library 3. In this image, size reflects each writer’s presence in our collection (the larger the name, the more books we’ve got by that author/editor). It’s a top-level analysis that […]

An interview with Hal Foster by Bret Schneider and Omar Hussain

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Earlier this week, VCS Chair Assistant Bret Schneider sent me a link to an interview that he and a colleague did with art critic and historian Hal Foster in 2010. The piece was published in the online critical theory journal Platypus Review, for which Bret is also a contributing editor. In the interview, Bret and […]

Tom Huhn’s review of Afterness: Figures of Following in Modern Thought and Aesthetics

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Recently, VCS department chair Tom Huhn’s review of the book Afterness: Figures of Following in Modern Thought and Aesthetics was published in the online journal Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews. In the book, Brown University Professor of German Studies and Comparative Literature Gerhard Richter discusses his notion of “afterness,” a word/idea he invented in order to […]

Robert Hullot-Kentor in the Brooklyn Rail

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The February, 2010 issue of The Brooklyn Rail features an article by philosopher and VCS faculty member Robert Hullot-Kentor. Titled “What Barbarism Is?,” it delves deeply into the inescapable (but often evaded) implications cast our way by Theodor W. Adorno’s comments on barbarism and culture. By turns, the piece mulls over the ties between primitivism, […]

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