Spring 2010 portfolio reviews (part 3)

Here are a few more images of student artworks from last semester’s portfolio reviews. (You can see the previous installment in this series here). The works featured today include paintings, prints, sculptures, ink drawings, graphic design projects, modified books, wall pieces in cut metal, performance instructions, and a few installation views.

Later this weekend, I will follow up with a final post about the reviews.

Special thanks are due (yet again) to VCS senior Shannon Broder, who helped me pair many of the images below with the names of the artists.

Tess Lundgardh

Anna Fasano

Sara Friedman

Michelle Yun

Ryan Brady

Gisel Endara

Marissa Leah

Gionna Forte

Alex MacNamara

I showed some of Alex’s ceramics in the first post of this series. Here are a few of her prints:

I’ll be back again on Sunday with one final post about the reviews.

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