Soloway presents: What a Fuck and What the Fuck, opening March 8th

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Hadi Fallahpisheh and Phoebe d’Heurle
What a Fuck and What the Fuck
March 8 – April 8, 2019

Opening reception on March 8, 6-8pm

There must be something wrong. That was the mutual feeling between Phoebe d’Heurle and Hadi Fallahpisheh when after two years of living together they realized that they had never bought a bar of soap for their apartment. So they decided they needed to talk. After days of talking, they got to the roots of their trouble: When Hadi heard that in 1995, in a suburb of Atlanta, little Phoebe was forced by her mom to put a bar of soap in her mouth after she called her mother a cunt, he couldn’t say anything but what the fuck?! And when Phoebe heard that in 1994, in a small village in Iran, constipated little Hadi had misunderstood his father’s directions to use a bar of soap to help the poop come out and went and put it in his butt, she couldn’t help but whisper…what a fuck!?

For this exhibition, Fallahpisheh and d’Heurle are showing samples of two individual bodies of work that they have been working on. Both artists use photography and sculpture to probe issues of memory, language, identity, and censorship. Fallahpisheh manipulates light, chemicals, and objects to make large scale color photographs that document his performance in the darkroom as he creates images that represent the paradoxes of the human condition with situations in which characters are in the midst of actions that language struggles to describe. D’Heurle’s photographs assume the position of both author and subject working as both artist and model, voyeur, and active participant to challenge the viewer’s perceptions of self-portrait, self-expression, and the confines of language and censorship while at the same time incorporating photographic tools needed to professionally reproduce artworks.

Hadi Fallahpisheh (b. 1987, Tehran, Iran) lives in New York and works primarily with photography, as well as performance and installation to destabilize visions of a stable and singular subject. Often commenting on conditions of displacement, his work questions the ability of representation to convey truths, revealing the gaps between public perception and personal experience. Fallahpisheh moved to New York in 2014 and received an MFA in Photography from Bard College in 2016. He is a graduate of the Creative Practices Program in Photography at the ICP, New York. He has presented work at venues including Tramps, Central Fine, Blum & Poe, SculptureCenter, Simone Subal, Kai Matsumaiya, Off Vendome, PAGE-NYC, ICP, and Callicoon

Phoebe d’Heurle (b 1987, Atlanta GA) lives and works in New York and is an artist and curator. Her work troubles the boundaries between fixed genres and set authorship. One of her most recent projects was the co-curation of the multidisciplinary exhibition She Models for Her (2019) at The Shed, a project that conceptually reframed the work of the artist Suzanne Valadon. She holds an MFA from Bard and a BA from Hunter College. She has been in group shows at different venues such as the Wallach Art gallery at Columbia University, P exclamation, Situations NY, and Hercules Art space, CCA Kitakyushu, and Shanaynay Paris.

Visual & Critical Studies