Signs of life in the new senior studios

The VCS seniors received their studio assignments late last week, and many of them have already started moving in to their new workspaces for the year. Yesterday, I received the following snapshots of some of the new occupants from Shannon Broder, VCS senior and regular photo contributor to this blog. (Shannon and her studio are shown in the last three shots.)

As you’ll see, now that people are putting their own stamp on it, the 7th floor of 136 West 21st Street already looks a lot warmer and more inviting than it did over the summer, when it was still just empty, raw space.

In addition to the studio rooms, an area has been set aside for use as a classroom. I’m looking forward to teaching the senior essay workshop there next semester. Last year’s workshop was held in a similar (though much smaller) room adjacent to the old studios, and it was great to have the students’ art nearby. In addition to helping reinforce the relationship between the course and the their own artistic concerns, it allowed us the chance to bring their work into our conversations about writing, criticism, and the thesis paper that is one of the workshop’s most important products.

Visual & Critical Studies