Sharon Broza-Stone, Joana Fittipaldi, and the Brooklyn-Kingston Exchange Project

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For the next two weeks, VCS alumni Sharon Broza-Stone and Joana Fittipaldi will be exhibiting work in a group show titled Brooklyn-Kingston Exchange Project at Gallery One Eleven in Kingston, New York. The show features a collection of Video art, music/performance, paintings and object-based work by emerging conceptual artists from Brooklyn, New York and the Kingston area.

Below are images of Sharon and Joana’s works along with their statements, quoted from the Gallery One Eleven website.


Sharon- Broza-Stone, Untitled 2011, colored pencil and computer ink on paper, 72 x 48 inches


The work analyzes the gender role of the ‘Woman’ title, how she must walk, talk, move and think in order for the title to apply. By enlarging an article found in a 1937 ‘LIFE’ magazine (“How a Wife Should Properly Undress”), I am comparing the constraints and expectations of the past with the present. This is an ongoing project to examine the ‘female” and “male” gender roles versus the ‘woman’ and ‘man” titles in an attempt to expose the illusion of their applied meaning.


Joana Fittipaldi, Response to Chatroulette 2010, Video, variable size, running time 4:00


The social webcamsite Chatroulette was launched in 2009 by seventeen year old Andrey Ternovskiy. By 2010 the website had appx 35,000 users online at any given moment. Chatroullette, unlike other social media online, arbitrarily connects users who have allowed the website access to their audio and video devices. The video is a response to this new type of virtual connections.


The Brooklyn-Kingston Exchange Project will run from September 10 through 25 at Gallery One Eleven, 77 Cornell St. 
Suite 216,
 Kingston, New York. The gallery is open every Thursday through Sunday from 12 to 4 p.m. For information, please contact curator Meir Gal by e-mail at, or by phone at 917-414-5861.

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