Presenting the schedule for Fertile Ground, next week’s performance and ephemeral art series in the Flatiron Project Space (April 22-26) [updated]

Here’s the schedule for Fertile Ground, the VCS-sponsored performance and ephemeral art series that’s taking place April 22-26 in the Flatiron Project Space. The series will include contributions from thirteen artists and performers, including several VCS students and alumni. For more information, see the discription below or this post.

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Fertile Ground
April 22-26

Flatiron Project Space
133 W 21st Street, ground floor

A tulip sprouts forth from soil; thus, we look downwards. Here we find decomposition at the source of composition, returning with each passing season. Sprung from spores and seeds, the basis of life is the loss of one former. Reflecting the overturn of bodies, matter, and time, Fertile Ground provides the opportunity for both loss and gain.Fertile Ground is the third iteration of the performance and ephemeral art series sponsored by the BFA Visual & Critical Studies Department. Through various assessments of materiality, each work presented will discuss its own state of decay. This series features performances, micro-installations, and other impermanent, non-traditional experiments within the space, curated by current VCS students Stella Song, Ryan Miller, and Gabriel Humphrey.

Fertile Ground will take place between Monday, April 22 and Friday, April 26, 2019 in the Flatiron Project Space, 133/141 W 21st Street, ground floor.

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The Flatiron Project Space, created and founded by the Visual & Critical Studies department, is located on the ground floor of 133/141 West 21st Street. The gallery invites VCS students, along with other departments at SVA, to realize curatorial projects that highlight our rapidly expanding visual culture. Shows are held monthly and include video, performance, painting and sculptural projects.

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