Peter Hristoff featured in Morie Losier’s short film “Draw Me Now,” now part of The Criterion Channel’s subscriber film program for December

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Director Marie Losier’s short film Draw Me Now, featuring artist and VCS faculty member Peter Hristoff, is now online on The Criterion Channel. The film will also be part of the channel’s December film program for subscribers, included in a set of two features and 15 shorts by Losier presented this Wednesday, December 16th.

Here’s a brief description from the Criterion Channel site:


Draw Me Now

Directed by Marie Losier • 2018 • United States

Artist Peter Hristoff teaches painting the way a filmmaker or theater director commandeers his actors, with the class as his playground, his stage. The students surround a field of models in handmade costumes who dance, pause, create emotions, and stage the scenes that Peter invents.

Additional information from Letterboxd:

Draw Me Now. 2007/2018. USA. Directed by Marie Losier. With Peter Hristoff. 16mm transferred to video. 6 min.

Here’s a brief excerpt from the Collectif Jeune Cinema Vimeo page:



Image credit: screenshot from The Criterion Channel website.


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