Opening today: Angela Miskis, Regarded Strangers and Other Urgencies at INTER SPACE

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VCS alumna Angela Miskis has a solo exhibition opening today (Thursday, September 24th) at INTER SPACE at 137 West 14th Street in New York City. Here’s a description of the show and the space from Angela:


Angela Miskis | Regarded Strangers and Other Urgencies

Opening Reception September 24 | 6 – 8 pm

On View:

September 24-27, 2015


An exhibition of new works created by artist Angela Miskis during her residency at Inter Space. The exhibition focuses on her new painting series “Regarded Strangers”, a collection of oil paintings on wood panel, inspired by her recurring “Subway Journal” drawing series. The urge to make these paintings surged from her desire to surpass the lines present in the drawings by constructing the paintings through a careful balance of color and form. The final compositions are potent color harmonies and abstract structures that exist as “one” despite being made from several autonomous and contradicting elements, pushing and holding each other together simultaneously.

Both in the drawings and the paintings she seeks to connect and understand the characters that she witnessed in the New York City subway system. She sees this work as arguments against the notions that as a society we are increasingly disconnected from each other, living mostly in our digital worlds. In the faces of the people that inspire her, she finds herself and sees pieces of her life reflected back at her. She tries to assign to them a visual significance and embody every person and moment as an enduring record of a history untold.

Although not explicitly depicted in the work, in her art practice she has found a way that at its core maintains her desire to understand and manipulate her life experiences thought her control of color, medium and technique.

Angela Miskis |

Angela Miskis is primarily a painter; however her art practice is driven by multidisciplinary investigations including: drawing, collage, and photography. Ultimately she knows that all roads lead to painting, so why not dare to explore the side streets? Her main focus has always being color, and, as of recently, the rich characters she finds in New York City.

Angela graduated from the School of Visual Arts, NY, in 2013 receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual and Critical Studies. She has been the recipient of numerous merit-based scholarships, such as the School of Visual Arts’ Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship and the Lowe’s Company Scholarship. She was also awarded the 2013 Visual and Critical Studies scholarship to spend five months as an artist-in-residence at the Leipzig International Art Program in Leipzig, Germany. She currently works in her apartment/studio in Harlem, NY. Contact at or follow @AngelaMiskis.

About Inter Space

Inter Space is a neuroscience lab | gallery run by Tricia MacKenzie, PhD. The mission of the space is to create a model for conducting basic research that can be directly translated to activism and cultural change. Regarding Strangers and Other Urgencies showcases works recorded using an EEG (brain recording) device as part of Inter Space’s experimental residency program, a research study examining the neurological basis of creativity and influence in visual artists.


Angela also has work on display this month in the group exhibition “Zeit und Geist”, which is on display through October 1st in the VCS Gallery. To learn more about Angela and see some of her other work, check out her website.

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