Opening tomorrow at Soloway: LIVE/WORK by Annette Wehrhahn

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Tomorrow (Sunday, January 18, 2015), VCS faculty member Annette Wehrhahn’s new solo exhibition LIVE/WORK will open at Soloway in Brooklyn. Here’s the press release for the show, via the Soloway website:


SOLOWAY is pleased to announce its first solo exhibition of
Annette Wehrhahn, LIVE/WORK
January 18 – February 22, 2015
Opening Reception: January 18, 6-8pm

LIVE/WORK is the body through absence, on repeat, looped and shifted.

People bent over, squatting, sitting, jumbled; limbs interlocked and orphaned, falling down onto each other and the floor. Yet these figures are missing, implied here by the painted line. In this exhibition, Annette Wehrhahn has traced the body and its baggage to evoke caves long hidden and legacies untold. Her influences and gestures oscillate between prehistoric and expressionist visual languages, materialized in wax, hexagonal shapes, pre and re fabricated clothing, oil paint and raw canvas. The weight of the work comes from its liminal nature; life, work, reparation and fragility are interwoven, uncovering process as doubt. Wehrhahn records the tactility of production through the accumulation of movement in paint and object unearthing what it means to make something. If once there was gravity, it is now lost to contemplation, landing on its head, alongside the artist.

Annette Wehrhahn received her MFA from Bard College in 2006. Co-founder of Soloway Gallery, her work has been exhibited across the country and internationally, most recently with Andel 31 at the International Festival for Artist-Run Spaces in Copenhagen, Denmark.

348 South 4th Street. Brooklyn, NY 11211
Hours: Saturday and Sunday, 12-5pm


Here in the Visual & Critical Studies program, Annette and fellow faculty member Emily Weiner co-teach Make Your Own Art World: Independent Exhibitions, Projects and Spaces, a course that’s received several mentions here. In a few days I’ll be posting a recap of VERSUS, an exhibition in and around the VCS department that was staged by students in the class last semester.

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