Open Call for Snail-Mail Show | VCS Open Studios

Open Call for Snail-Mail Show | VCS Open Studios


Dear VCS Students and Alumni,

It’s no surprise that during this time of quarantine the desire for social interactions is stronger than ever before. The VCS floor at SVA is a hub for collaboration and communication with fellow artists and academics, and it is sorely missed while we are in isolation. However, we are not alone because we are in quarantine together.

Connecting virtually has been a large part of our lives these last few weeks via Zoom classes and meetings. Unlike in-person connections, this virtual communication bleeds into every aspect of our lives and almost seems like too much to handle. Even so, it is more important than ever to stay connected, to collaborate, to be a community. I believe that the best way to do that is by mail. While we still can, I propose this: a snail-mail “open studio” for the end of the year.

Anyone who wishes to receive and send letters, small pieces of art, or anything that can be mailed is welcome to participate. As you receive correspondences from fellow students or alumni, collect them, curate them, install them, and record them digitally to be shared in a virtual open studio held by VCS.

To participate, please email me at by April 20 for more details on how to get started and to connect you with others working on this project.

Juliet Nelson
(VCS 2021)

Visual & Critical Studies