Oona Tempest’s timeline of the 20th century

I’ve written before about the timeline assignment Amy Wilson gives in her Art in Theory 1900-2000 class. Each student is asked to create a summary of 20th-century history that includes at least 40 major events and 15 art movements. The choice of format is left to the student; examples from prior years have included everything from simple chronological diagrams with points marking dates and facts on a straight line to videos and complex graphs.

Today’s post features excerpts from a timeline created by Oona Tempest for last semester’s class. Oona presented her information as a series of drawings, each of which illustrates an artwork from a specific movement and three events from the same period. (You can take a closer look at each image by clicking on it.)

If you’d like to see more work by Oona, check out her website (you can also find a link to it listed in the student websites to the right).






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