On display now – Gymnastics, an online exhibition of paintings by Ryan J. Brady, presented by New York Artists Equity Association, Inc.

A screenshot showing three of Ryan Brady's paintings, featuring geometric abstractions with two overlapping angular linear forms in the painting on the right, and more complex arrangements of angular color areas. straight lines, and white circles in the center and left

2012 VCS alumnus Ryan J. Brady’s exhibition Gymnastics is currently on display in an online exhibition presented by New York Artists Equity Association, Inc. In addition to images of his paintings, the site also features the video “Ryan J. Brady: Artists Equity Studio Breaks.”

Here’s a description of the show and a brief bio from the New York Artists Equity Association website:


Ryan J. Brady: Gymnastics

Gymnastics presents a group of improbably shaped paintings that tumble and bound, reveling in the gloriously demolished distinction between painting and sculpture. Made of wood, canvas, paint, and aluminum, much of the collection features a trio of shapes that rotate and interlock. Bands of vibrant primary colors walk the perimeters of each structure, underscoring their physicality while simultaneously moving freely into the canvas, celebrating the illusory and painterly. Gymnastics invites the viewer to play, untethered from the conservatism of the rectangle.

About the Artist:

Ryan J. Brady was born in Avenel, New Jersey in 1989. He has lived and worked in New York since 2008. Brady received a BFA in Visual and Critical Studies from The School of Visual Arts in 2012, earning The Rhodes Family Award for Outstanding Achievement in Multidisciplinary Studio Practices. Brady’s work has been included in two-person shows in New York and group shows in New York, Brooklyn and Miami. In 2011 Brady completed a public sculpture that continues to stand on the Delanco Camp grounds in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey.

Click here to visit the full showroom for Gymnastics

Watch Ryan J. Brady’s Studio Breaks video here

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