Olena Shmahalo featured on the SVA Alumni Instagram

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Six recent illustrations made by VCS class of 2011 alumna Olena Shmahalo for Quanta Magazine were featured last week as part of the Friday Portfolio series on the SVA Alumni Instagram account. I’ve screencapped one of them here, and you also can find it and the others there.

(caption from SVA Slumni Instagram: )

(from the original SVA Alumni caption: [2 of 6] #FridayPortfolio: Olena Shmahalo @theoperatingsystem (BFA 2011 Visual and Critical Studies), Exoplanet Atmospheres, digital photo-illustration. Searching for signs of life on faraway planets, astrobiologists must decide which telltale biosignature gases to target. Recent illustration for #QuantaMagazine. #OlenaShmahalo is an artist, student of science, and avid indoor gardener. She lives and works in New York City. Currently, Olena is the art director at #QuantaMagazine, where she helps visualize often non-visual scientific and mathematical concepts.)


Visual & Critical Studies