Now through December 8th: Elect Trick at Michael Mut Gallery, curated by Luiza Cardenuto

For the next couple weeks, the Michael Mut Gallery in New York City will feature “Elect Trick: a Visual Arts Debate on Politics,” an art exhibition and fundraiser for The Love Yourself Project curated by VCS student Luiza Cardenuto. The exhibition includes works by a diverse group of artists, including current VCS students Lucia Hinojosa, Joe de Sena, Hallie Kruger, and Megan Westgate and VCS alumni James Cellaigh and Shellyne Rodriguez. The following description is excerpted from the press release that Luiza wrote for the show; the full version on the Michael Mut website includes a lot of additional information about the artists and their work.

The Michael Mut Gallery will feature works by young artists who deal with issues resulted from the anxiety brought by this year’s presidential election. Their work reflects their anticipation of the election’s outcome and how it will affect their life. They come from different artistic and political backgrounds, so here they will have the opportunity to discuss these differences and debate their personal concerns about the future.

This event is assured to be an exhibition of diverse talent and raw self-expression. Subject matter of global importance will be addressed from different perspectives. Take the time to expand yourself and explore this visually and mentally stimulating art experience. With so many visions and styles, this will undoubtedly be an exhibition to remember. We strive to inspire our audience to express their own beliefs as well, for we are all significant.

Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Love Yourself Project.

Elect Trick runs from November 19th through December 8th, with an opening reception this Saturday, November 24th from 6 to 8 p.m. The Michael Mut Gallery is located at 97 Avenue C in New York City, and is open Wednesday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 12 to 6 P.m. For more information, visit the Michael Mut Gallery website or call 212-677-7868 .

I’ll be posting a follow-up entry soon with images from Elect Trick, so be sure to check back again in a few days.

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