New senior studios for VCS

The last couple years have seen significant expansions and renovations for several of SVA’s facilities. Included among these are new homes for the Fine Arts Digital lab and Fine Arts Sculpture program in a recently acquired building at 335 West 16th Street, and the new SVA Theatre on 23rd Street, which was refurbished by noted graphic designer Milton Glaser (best known for the I Love New York and DC Comics bullet logos) and a team of architects and artists.

As part of this series of improvements, the VCS program is preparing to move its seniors into new studios at the beginning of the next academic year. The new studio space is much larger than the prior one, which was only able to accommodate the six students who graduated last May. The next graduating class will be roughly three times the size of the former group, making the move a necessity.

The new quarters are at 136 West 21st Street, right across the street from the old studios. The location is temporary, and the seniors will be moved again the following year to the 4th floor of 133 West 21st Street, which currently houses the studios for the Fine Arts department.

Although next year’s studios will only house VCS for a year, they are by no means makeshift. Here is a description of some of their features from Holly Warren, Chair Assistant for the VCS program:

“The space is amazing—we’ll have the whole of the 7th floor of 136 West 21st, which is all hard wood floors, exposed brick walls, and north- and south-facing windows with great views of up- and downtown. There will be plenty of room for our 18 seniors and 1 prospective exchange student to work (students will choose their studio space via lottery on the first day of class). The studios will all run along the perimeter of the floor and the space in the center will most likely be used as a classroom. There is also a small kitchen space and a break room. We’re still very excited about moving everything VCS to the fourth floor of the 133 building next year, but we really lucked out in our one-year layover across the street. The 7th floor space is currently occupied by Katrin Eismann’s summer digital photography program, but once that finishes in July we’ll be collaborating with facilities to get the furniture we need—drawing tables, desks, chairs, etc. to have everything up and running for the seniors when classes start in September.”

I’ll post a few images of the new space soon. We’re all very excited about moving into it and making it our home for the next year.

Visual & Critical Studies