More upcoming events featuring VCS alumna Julia Santoli

As a follow-up to last week’s post about VCS alumna Julia Santoli’s recent performance at The Drawing Center, here’s some information about four more events she’ll be taking part in over the next few weeks. I’ve included event descriptions with Julia’s comments below, and will post updates about each as it approaches.



MoMA PS1 Book and Zine Fair

black box


Playing as part of a killer program set up by Nick Klein of Primitive Languages… more info soon

Earth Tongues, Julia Santoli, Henry Fraser

Wonders of Nature


8pm , $10

Earth Tongues record release <3 Incredible musicians all.

Peter Margasak from Bandcamp Daily on a previous album “Ohio”:

“A look at the lineup of New York’s Earth Tongues—tuba player Dan Peck, percussionist Carlo Costa, and trumpeter Joe Moffett—might give some listeners pause. How, exactly, do those components work together, especially within the conventions of improvised music? But Earth Tongues doesn’t just improvise in the standard terms; they’ve developed their own intuitive rule system and “language.” Texture, color, and interplay are usually the key components in freely-improvised music, but this slow-moving beast of a combo goes heavier and deeper than surface aesthetics. Together, they create harrowing environments where sounds emerge from silence—colliding, disintegrating, and wriggling in unexpected directions. The music hovers more than it moves, a lumbering, low-impact, largely unpitched din constructed of minimalist gestures, extended technique flurries, and multiple varieties of friction. The two-part work, clocking in at 94 minutes, requires a certain degree of patience, if not total submission. ”



Quo Vadis Presents: Glochids , Julia Santoli , Daren Ho, Scy1e , and Nurse Betty

Secret Project Robot


8pm doors




Not to miss show of singular sound explorers from the West Coast + Daren and myself+Tamio Shiraishi duo as local support. Curated by JR Nelson !

for an idea on one of the touring acts:
“Glochids [Lime Lodge/Ascetic House]
Glochids is one James Roemer, of Tempe, Arizona; Succulents field researcher, gamelan experimentalist, cross country cyclist, and bricoleur extraordinaire. James plays many instruments and objects, including gamelan (with his band sungsang), a language learning computer replete with old school punch card interface, cactus quills (glochids), street sweeper kalimba, and electronics. His field recorded snapshots of these sounds tend to blur with their backgrounds until focal point becomes the ear of the beholder”



last but not least

I am very excited and honored to be the October guest curator for the wonderful Sunday Service series at Knockdown Center, October 7th, with live works by Kaia Gilje, Katy Halfin + Jean Carla Rodea (Matter in Flux pictured below), Jung Hee Mun, Sarah Viviana Valdez, and Raki Malhotra. More soon…

Matter In Flux_3.jpg
Katy Halfin and Jean Carla Rodea Matter In Flux from Wassaic Project 2018

Additionally, do not miss the September edition this Sunday, 9/16 curated by Pamela Liou!!! always 7pm + free free free


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