More from the Spring 2010 portfolio reviews

Here are a few more images from the Spring 2010 portfolio reviews. This time, I have more works by individual students, and some wider installation shots. You can click on any image below to enlarge it and see the details.

Shannon Broder

An installation of color lithographs, etchings, and silkscreened works on fabric.

A closer view of Shannon's stuffed deer pillows.


Zeke Decker


A painting in acrylic and gesso on canvas.

A long scroll painting in acrylic on paper.

A floor-to-ceiling painting in acrylic on paper.

Justin Elm


A selection of photographs, including images taken at Rumble Ball 33.

You can see sharper images of the Rumble Ball photos at Justin’s Flickr page.

In addition, Justin screened several videos during his review, including the two examples below.



(You can see Justin’s other videos from the review at his Vimeo page.)

Jill Pucciarelli


A hallway installation of Jill's works.

One of several paintings in a series of framed ear portraits.

A print juxtaposing a spinal column and floral imagery.

Three small picture-box sculptures. The one in the back is playing a short film on an embedded iPod touch screen.


Installation shots

I’ll be back in soon with one more post containing images from the reviews, including a closer look at some of the works in the installation shots above.

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