Maggie Dunlap in the solo show “Variations on a Theme,” this month at Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi

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Works by VCS student Maggie Dunlap are now on display in the solo show Variations on a Theme, one of four concurrent exhibitions at at Southside Gallery in Oxford, Mississippi. Also up is Shifting Perspectives, a group show curated by Maggie and featuring three recent lace works by VCS faculty member Amy Wilson. Here’s the gallery’s press release for all four shows, along with two photos of Maggie’s works from the gallery’s website.


Bloody Chamber (installation), Maggie Dunlap, 2016

Bloody Chamber (installation), Maggie Dunlap, 2016 (via the Southside Gallery website)

Southside Gallery is pleased to announce four concurrent exhibitions that open on April 5th, 2016. Linda Burgess: Wonderful Things and Maggie Dunlap: Variations on a Theme will be on view in the main gallery until April 30th. Two group exhibitions, Shifting Perspectives and speaking (as), co-curated by Maggie Dunlap and Hannah Spears respectively, will be on view in the upstairs gallery until April 21st. There will be an artists’ reception on Saturday, April 9th from 6 to 8 pm.

The title of Linda Burgess’s exhibition, Wonderful Things, comes from the story of English archaeologist Howard Carter’s discovery of King Tut’s intact tomb in 1922. As Burgess tells it, Carter stood inside the tomb, his eyes growing accustomed to the dark, when his companion asked anxiously, “Can you see anything?” to which Carter responded, “Yes, wonderful things.” Burgess’s paintings too are collections of wonderful things. They combine images lifted from art historical masterworks with Burgess’s own distinctive motifs and atmospheric painting style. By conflating disparate elements, she produces surrealistic paintings that hint at mysterious narratives both elusive and intriguing.

Maggie Dunlap, her daughter, will be showing two series of works on paper and an installation piece in her solo exhibition, Variations on a Theme. All of the works in the show explore obsession and repetition as concepts. While feminism closely informs her artistic practice, Dunlap’s work also possesses a dark, macabre aesthetic.

Untitled (directives), Maggie Dunlap, watercolor on paper, 2016

Untitled (directives), Maggie Dunlap, watercolor on paper, 2016 (via the Southside Gallery website)

Two exhibitions co-curated by Maggie Dunlap and Hannah Spears will be on view in the upstairs gallery space. Curated by Maggie Dunlap, Shifting Perspectives features work that spans a variety of materials and media by Rosie Brock, India K, Bonnie Lucas, and Amy Wilson. The tie that binds the artists selected for the show is feminism, which, if not directly apparent in their work, acts as a lens through which they view the world and analyze their experiences. The work challenges viewers to abandon preconceived notions about craft, women’s work, the deep south, poetry, kitsch, and camp.

The works in speaking (as), curated by Hannah Spears, are united in their concern for semantic structures as they pertain to representations of the feminine self. The exhibition comprises poetry by Aziza Barnes, Sarah Sgro, and Maggie Woodward, with broadsides designed by Kina Viola, and additional artwork by Polly Shindler, Vadis Turner, and Nancy VanDevender.

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