Lucía Hinojosa profiled in a recent piece on the SVA Features blog about her ongoing bilingual arts and literature publication diSONARE

Lucia Hinojosa (via Visual Arts Journal)

VCS class of 2013 alumna Lucía Hinojosa was recently featured in a profile published a week ago on the SVA Features site. The piece focused on diSONARE, the bilingual arts and literature publication she founded back in 2014, and was excerpted from an article in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of Visual Arts Journal about three SVA alumni (including Lucía) who live and work in Mexico City. Here’s a short excerpt:

Lucía Hinojosa’s publication diSONARE is hard to define—and that’s the way she likes it. “You can’t name it exactly,” she says. It’s bilingual (Spanish and English), features work by established artists (Paul Chan) alongside emerging ones (Eugenio Camarillo, a writer and translator of Triqui origin) and brings together a variety of disciplines.

Case in point: Though it’s a printed piece, the sixth issue’s theme was “sound” and it was launched at Fonoteca Nacional de Mexico, the national library of sound. “It’s about how ideas intersect between one medium and another,” Hinojosa says. “It’s a photograph, it’s a performance, maybe it’s both.”

You can find the Features profile here, or read the original Visual Arts Journal article in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue.


A screenshot of the diSONARE website.

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