Looking back at Transitions

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An installation view of Transitions at the Visual Arts Gallery. (click to enlarge)

In December 2008, The Visual & Critical Studies program had its first major student exhibition at the Visual Arts Gallery at 601 26th Street in New York City. Titled “Transitions,” the exhibition presented work by VCS students across a wide range of mediums and disciplines, including painting, drawing, photography, video, collage, and artist’s books.

Curated by department chair Tom Huhn, Transitions presented a visual analogue to the VCS program’s project of combining artistic training with an academic program that strongly emphasizes cultural literacy. According to a statement by Huhn, “The exhibition [had] to do with the transition from medium to medium, as well as the transition of an art school from a single-medium based education to a multi-disciplinary approach.”

Running from November 21 through December 13, 2008, Transitions featured work from Patrick Anderson, Katie Armstrong, Shannon Broder, Sharon Broza-Stone, Kelly Cabezas, Megan Connaughton, Zeke Decker, Matt Engel, Lily Faget, Joana Fittipaldi, Gionna Forte, Erin Franke, Madeline Gentile, Nicole Hauser, Rachel Hirschey, Sofia Klapischak, Eleni Kontos, Elektra KB, Marissa Leah, Courtney Linderman, Alex MacNamara, Jennifer Martin, Christine Mazur, Christopher O’Toole, Iti Anita Pathak, Nathan Rubinfeld, Jennifer Santiago, Brooke Tomiello, Alejandra Torres, Jennifer Tram, Jill Pucciarelli and Alyse Wheeler.

The images below present a variety of installation views from Transitions, as well as shots taken during the opening reception on November 25, 2008. (Clicking on any image will enlarge it on another page.)

Another installation view of Transitions

Works by Courtney Linderman from Transitions.

An installation by Joana Fittipaldi

Photographs by Matt Engel.

Paired photographs by Shannon Broder.

Collage by Elektra KB.

Above and below: scenes from the Transitions reception.

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