Looking back at the Spring 2010 portfolio reviews

At the end of each academic year, students in the first through third years of the VCS program participate in a review of the most recent works they’ve made. (Seniors are exempted because they have their thesis show in January, and final open studios at the end of the year.) In addition to giving the department a chance to check in with students and see how their work has developed over the past few months, the reviews allow students a chance to receive detailed feedback from faculty members.

During the reviews, students install their works in the studio classrooms or surrounding halls, so that two-person teams of faculty reviewers can view them and ask questions. The conversations that ensue cover a broad range of topics, including the strengths and weaknesses of individual artworks, the direction a student’s total output is taking, and suggestions on new things to try (including refinements to existing artistic practices, additional techniques and mediums they might want to explore, and classes they might find useful).

Since the VCS program is known for encouraging artmaking across a wide variety of mediums, the work presented in the reviews is often very diverse, and sometimes surprising in its combination of different approaches. In order to showcase some of this diversity, I’ll be posting works from last year’s reviews over the next few days. Today’s post features artworks from six students. I’ll be back in a few days with more.

I have grouped the images below by student, and ordered them to contrast different mediums and styles. You can click on any of the images below to see an enlarged version.

Jennifer Santiago

An installation view of Jennifer's works, in one of the painting classrooms.

A selection of prints.

A delicate sculpture made of membranes taken from inside a pomegranate.

Embroidered birds on linen.

Glazed ceramic sculptures suspended on cords.

Maddy Gentile

One of Maddy's photographs.

An installation view in the hallway: photographs, drawings, and sculptures. The computer was used to play two short videos; the No Smoking sign is just an interloper.

A piece incorporating drawing and text.




Elektra KB

One of Elektra's paintings.

A mixed-media piece incorporating embroidery. photocollage, and printmaking.

A companion to the piece shown above.

A photograph featuring an image also seen in one of Elektra's videos.

Joe Bressler

The title page of a printed photomontage book.

Two pages from the book.

A two-page spread.

Alex MacNamara

A group of ceramics by Alex.

A closer view of the green vase.

The white bowl from a slightly different angle.

An undulating white columnar vase.

Shellyne Rodriguez

One of Shellyne's paintings.

Another painting.

A selection of other works by Shellyne.

A print by Shellyne.

I’ll be back in a few days with more images from the Spring 2010 portfolio reviews.

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