Looking ahead to the new academic year

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The new academic year at SVA begins on Tuesday, September 7th, right after Labor Day weekend. Once school starts, the VCS blog will return to a more frequent publishing schedule, with new updates posted at least twice a week, as news and events dictate.

In addition to the usual reports on lectures, exhibitions, and special events, we’re planning on adding new items, including: profiles of faculty, staff, and students; features describing classes within the VCS curriculum; and updates about changes and new developments within the program. We’ll also be including occasional posts written by VCS students and faculty, along with samples of the writing that comes out of some of our courses.

Here are a few of the topics I’m working on for the next few weeks:

– I’ll be following up with some of our students about recent internships and other projects they pursued over the summer.

– As the January senior thesis show approaches, I’ll be posting occasional updates about ongoing preparations for the exhibition.

– I’ll be doing an entry or two about last year’s student portfolio reviews, including images of a lot of student artwork and a discussion of what the reviews are all about.

– Finally, I’ll be covering the first two VCS-sponsored events of the year: an artist’s talk by painter Alexi Worth on Tuesday, September 14th; and “Indecent Exposure: A Discussion and Screening of Films You are Unlikely to See Elsewhere” on Monday, September 27th, presented in cooperation with the National Coalition Against Censorship. I’ll post more specific information on locations and times for these events as they approach.

I hope everyone had a great summer, and I look forward to seeing everyone from VCS again in the new school year.

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