Katie in Leipzig: the final chapter

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Over the last few months, I’ve been posting semi-regular updates on VCS alumna Katie Armstrong’s participation in a residency at the Leipzig International Art Programme (LIA) in Germany (you can view my previous posts here and here). After a lot of hard work, Katie has finished once more, once more, the new animation that formed her main studio project while she was at LIA. The piece will get its public premiere at the Spinnerei Winter Rundgang, one of Germany’s biggest open studio events; you can also view it online at this link.

The title card from once more, once more.

A still from the video.

In addition to once more, once more (which is Katie’s longest and most ambitious animation to date), she has also prepared a small book of words and images stemming from her time in the residency. Titled Do you know you are a beautiful thing?, the book can be purchased in hard copy or downloaded as a free PDF file from Lulu.com.

As part of the premiere of once more, once more, Katie has also redesigned her web site. In addition to an updated bio and may of her videos, you can find links to her Flickr page and blog, and a collection of her songs that can be streamed from the site.

A screen capture from Katie’s newly redesigned web site.

Katie will be returning to NYC in a little over a week, at which point I hope to have a change to interview her about her experiences in Leipzig. I will keep everyone posted on this. In the meantime, check out what she’s been up to at the links above.

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